[N8VEM: 18636] Mini PPIDE boards - new layout (SBC-188 & SBCv2)
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Edward Snider
2014-09-07 03:11:42 UTC
Hi guys,

I recently found myself needing some PPIDE boards for the SBC-188 & Z80
Seeing there was no inventory on the wiki, and this being a very simple
(and small) adapter,
I decided to make a few.

I copied the schematic from the wiki into Eagle and laid out a board that
would hold the CF card
adaptor parallel along the face of the SBC, making for a very compact
package (although it may or may not
clear a card in the slot ahead of it in a backplane.

Anyway, they are working well for my purposes, so I thought I'd share in
case anyone else was interested.
Fits the SBC-188 and Z80 SBCv2 for sure (leaving serial port clear), not
sure about other boards.

It's up on OSH Park as a shared project, 3 boards for $13.75, delivered.
Permalink <https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/is8CiGZf>


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Wayne Warthen
2014-09-07 03:59:51 UTC
Nice layout. I will definitely be ordering a set.